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Zipline Partners With Walmart on Commercial Drone Delivery

Learn more:
Video: Walmart
Jake Steele : Buzz bomb?
Richard P. Nathhorst : Who is responsible for getting the box out of a tall tree or off the roof or out the unfriendly neighbors yard or in the lake,?
Who pays when the drone disappears in the woods without a trace?
This is a gimmick that will never replace the delivery van.
Ali Moeeny : Is this an ad?
wellthi : what about the return process if the new iphone inside is broken
MindSET : Some Ideas are just not meant for this world. Commercial drones would be a necessity in places like the moon. On earth it's just too much. Lawn mowers, trains, teenagers with Hondas, planes, sirens, compressors, fans, weekend warriors, and on top of that there's birds, insects, and frogs. You can't have a moment of peace and quite anywhere. and now you want to add drones? Just build good roads and utilize resources properly. Don't have Becky drive during rush hour to a call center just to sell stuff online.
Nuno : I'm still waiting from the eggs...
Just kidding. For sure it'll be comming soon
Arpad Toth : bomb away

RoBeetle: A Micro Robot Powered by Liquid Fuel

Learn more:

"An 88-milligram insect-scale autonomous crawling robot driven by a catalytic artificial muscle," by Xiufeng Yang, Longlong Chang, and Néstor O. Pérez-Arancibia from the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles, was published in Science Robotics.

Video courtesy: Science Robotics/University of Southern California
Igor Freitas :
Navsan Sharma : meh
Leuname1530 : Viva Chile, Viva Nestor Perez
Elias Geissinger : Tiniest combustion engine ever.
Budi Santoso : What do I know, micro means 0.00001
Or am I wrong?
Bio Unit : You still have to convert chemical reaction to electricity to power up an MCU, or you need to develop sensors working on ethanol to accomplish data feedback. Or it can't be called a robot, you know.
Dave Davidson : Pass the Butter!
thefatmoop : 'operate autonomously' was pushing it a bit, but seriously cool
Martin P : My first thought was that heating would be faster than cooling. It is interesting to see such rapid bidirectional motion. I would also worry that your Pt wire coating might deteriorate with mechanical stress. Nice job though.
Нина Картошкина : Now this bot is useless but i think it is a first step
Good luck

Human Sperm Don’t Swim Like We Thought

As sperm frenetically race each other to fertilize the egg, their tails thrash independently from their heads. Learn more:
ホラ田一家 : 草
q4p : bring ye thy creed of samuel! #q4p
Lafeo 007 : ya bro, thas how they drill that egg
Fauzan Muhammad : so we are tricked by our past-selves
Fernando Zigunov : I know this video is for the general audience but it would really help if you guys added this is experimental work - it's not evident in this video.
That was an amazing job, though, I can really appreciate the difficulty of capturing this with a high speed camera!!
Dave Lister : This will be difficult for some to swallow.
Mayank Joshi : So we are screwed from the beginning?
George : Robotic concept to be expected
W.D. Callahan : I honestly thought we all knew this. I don't think anyone ever told me it was only side to side, so I always assumed it was a corkscrew motion and didn't ask.
Generously buttered ALCO : The virgin swimmer vs the Chad torpedo.




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